It’s my Odyssey, not a quarter life crisis.

I have had a hard time lately putting aside feelings that I’m inadequate, lack direction or focus, have no real employable skills, etc. These feelings started bubbling up in the past year or so, when I realized I was having a hard time finding a job I really enjoyed or a city that really fit me perfectly.

It turns out I am not alone. Anecdotally, numerous friends of mine seem to be experiencing the same challenge of making life ‘fit’ as they had imagined in their younger years. I have seen the term “Quarter Life Crisis” thrown around frequently and, at first, it seemed appropriate.

Then, I hit a paradigm shift. The other day my girlfriend sent me this great column in the NY Times which introduced for the first time (for me) the term “Odyssey” to describe these years.

Odyssey! What an amazing term. This captures the essence of what is now a common life transition in such a positive way. It sounds so adventurous, with limitless possibilities. I love it.


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