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The future of local transportation startups: Is Uber doomed to follow in Napster’s footsteps?

A few weeks ago fellow entrepreneur and friend John Wolpert sent me a link to his thought provoking blog post, Is Uber the Napster of Transportation? His article is definitely worth reading in its own right, but I wanted to … Continue reading

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Working taxi dispatch phones, I received a call around 1am from a group of loud women. “We have an emergency, we need a taxi immediately.” (Loud yelling in the background.) “What’s going on? Is anybody injured?” “No, nobody is injured. … Continue reading

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Woman in Tears

I worked taxi dispatch phones Friday night, answering hundreds of calls from people looking for a cab all across the City during the busiest time of the week. A woman had called around 10pm for a cab from the Richmond … Continue reading

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Take Me to Chinatown

I drove Thursday this week, a day after the SF Giant’s World Series Parade attracted record crowds. The morning was spent driving to and from the airport — I had 4 trips to SFO before noon. In the afternoon I … Continue reading

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Avenue Street

I answered a lot of phone calls last night at the taxi company. Around 3am a girl called demanding a cab at “320 Avenue.” That didn’t make any sense. “320 Avenue? That doesn’t make any sense. What’s the street name?” … Continue reading

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SFMTA Taxi Medallion Sales Pilot Program

(PDF Link) I’m returning from my blogging hiatus at an amazingly unique time in the history of San Francisco taxi regulation. In the past I’ve written extensively about the San Francisco medallion system and other regulations, including: What would be … Continue reading

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Driving April 22

It’s time to try this blogging thing again. Yesterday I drove a normal “extra” day shift from 7a-5p. Some notes: I drove my favorite taxicab: the Toyota Camry Hybrid. Ample space, great handling, adequate (but not stellar) gas mileage, smooth … Continue reading

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Kieran and John on KPOO San Francisco

As part of my ongoing work with Cabulous, John Wolpert (Founder and CEO) and I had great fun doing a radio interview about the Cabulous app on San Francisco’s KPOO 89.5 FM. Harrison Chastang was our host. It was great … Continue reading

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My First Hail Using Cabulous

I’ve been advising the team working on Cabulous, a new mobile location-enabled app that makes it easier for cabbies to advertise their locations — and for passengers to find them. I drove last Saturday and helped with an early beta … Continue reading

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Back in the Saddle: Driving Fleet Weekend

It’s been a long time since I’ve taxi blogged. I drove last Saturday for the first time in a few weeks. I’ve been working dispatch phones and doing VidSF work instead of driving over the past few weeks. Novel-length post … Continue reading

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