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Drivin’ cab

Today, I drove 381 — a van! I picked up an 80+ year old woman with an unrecognizable Slavic sort of accent. She was born in China but her family was originally from Russia. Any country I name, she’s been … Continue reading

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News Flash: French are skinny ’cause they walk.

I came across this article, dugg from the Santa Barbara Independent. The confused author claims the French are skinny because they eat slowly and are chatty during meals. Bull! The French are skinny because they walk! France (obviously) consists of … Continue reading

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Ridiculous sums of federal capital money encourage foolish transit projects.

Inflated federal funding for the capital costs of transit projects brings about wasted spending, poor planning and poor service for transit riders in the United States.

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Only in the ‘Burg

Think back to the last time you went hunting in the wilderness of Allegheny County, PA (population 1,281,666 and home to Pittsburgh). Crossbow in hand, you creep deeper into the coal-stripped wilderness. Your companion, Bobby, throws you a cold brew … Continue reading

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There’s no free parking.

This excellent article in Slate discusses the hidden costs of parking. I won’t attempt to summarize, it’s worth reading in its entirety. Link It got me thinking about the cost of parking in the City, especially residential parking permits. Is … Continue reading

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I want to pay (a bit) more rent. So do you.

San Francisco is notorious for its extreme tenant protection laws. Of course, these laws were designed with the best interests of tenants in mind. Rent control is one of these extreme tenant protections. The concept is simple and noble: let’s … Continue reading

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Oh, 1905. I miss you.

While we’re talking about a century past, this video is most worthy of your attention. This fabulous first-hand film was recorded just a year before the 1906 earthquake. It shows a trip all the way down Market Street to the … Continue reading

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Moving the City forward?

San Francisco 1900: Average speed of public transit 8.0 mph* San Francisco 2007: Average speed of public transit 8.1 mph (SF Gate) What went wrong in the past 107 years? How has the San Francisco City and County increased average … Continue reading

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Today, I drove a van. I like the vans. A doorman got mad at me because I didn’t pull in the building driveway correctly. Poop on you, Mr. Grouchy Doorman. Further salt was thrown on my bleeding wound when it … Continue reading

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Paper vs. Reality

A sad but strong reminder that significant disconnects exist between seemingly excellent performance of business units on paper when compared to the real world results. Link

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