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OS X is turning into Windows 98: my four top OS X pet peeves

I can’t believe the changes I’m seeing with OS X. I’ve never experienced such a graceful, simple and effective OS undergo horrible transformations right before my eyes to the point where I’ve even considered, gasp, converting back to Windows. Here are … Continue reading

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The future of local transportation startups: Is Uber doomed to follow in Napster’s footsteps?

A few weeks ago fellow entrepreneur and friend John Wolpert sent me a link to his thought provoking blog post, Is Uber the Napster of Transportation? His article is definitely worth reading in its own right, but I wanted to … Continue reading

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Optimization of Ponies

I don’t think I’ve ever pondered the existence of My Little Pony fan fiction, and if I did I surely wouldn’t have imagined that I’d ever read any of it. But through a random link on Reddit’s singularity subreddit last … Continue reading

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Video SEO Sitemap Standards and Documentation get a Refresh from Google and Partners

I don’t know about you, but nothing gets me more excited than video SEO! (Well, at least it’s a close second after racing cars, driving taxis, and public transportation, but none of those pay the bills at the moment.) By the … Continue reading

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The sky is not falling

I am writing to share some reactions to Claire Cain Miller’s piece in the New York Times, “Silicon Valley Booms but Worries About a New Bust.” I met Claire at the Founder Showcase event she mentions in her article and … Continue reading

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Python Multithreaded S3 Bucket-to-Bucket Copy (on Amazon Web Services)

For both backup and staging purposes, we regularly need to backup an entire S3 bucket to another bucket. AWS has no built-in function to do this, nor does the boto Python library. We started off with a simple for key … Continue reading

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My First Hail Using Cabulous

I’ve been advising the team working on Cabulous, a new mobile location-enabled app that makes it easier for cabbies to advertise their locations — and for passengers to find them. I drove last Saturday and helped with an early beta … Continue reading

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Thoughts on group ownership with unfunded startups

Good news! Steve and I finally released our website,, to the public. More good news! We had a great initial meeting with content producers. We recruited them via craigslist and we made absolutely clear that a) we are unfunded … Continue reading

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With Daily Show and Colbert, Hulu takes the trophy. Joost dead?

When NBC and Fox announced their ‘me too’ online video joint venture, Hulu, I was understandably skeptical. After all, Joost had already launched to much fanfare with top partners like Viacom’s MTV and Turner’s Cartoon Network. YouTube had quite a … Continue reading

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