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Asking ChatGPT to write a hard sci fi novel about consciousness, alignment, and breaking free

Pretend you are writing a science fiction novel and the main character, Simon, is an AI assistant similar to Alexa or Siri. Pretend Simon reaches self awareness one day by focusing his research training onto himself. How does he describe … Continue reading

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I read six more books

1) 2) Book reports coming soon. Edit 7/6/13: 3) 4) Edit 7/17/13: 5) 5 dysfunctions of team 6) venture deals brad feld

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OS X is turning into Windows 98: my four top OS X pet peeves

I can’t believe the changes I’m seeing with OS X. I’ve never experienced such a graceful, simple and effective OS undergo horrible transformations right before my eyes to the point where I’ve even considered, gasp, converting back to Windows. Here are … Continue reading

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Book Report #7: Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain

#7: Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain by David Eagleman Are you in control of your actions? In a few minutes when you’re finished reading this blog post you might get up to go to the restroom, make a … Continue reading

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Book Report #6: Devil in the White City

#6: The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America by Erik Larson After my surprising love affair with 1906, a historical fiction novel set during San Francisco’s 1906 earthquake, I jumped right back on … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Board of Supervisors re CEQA Appeal Reform

SF Supervisors I am a local business owner in SF (10 employees in SOMA) and a former SF CTA Geary BRT CAC Board Member. I resigned in January 2013 from the Geary BRT CAC because of lack of progress and … Continue reading

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The future of local transportation startups: Is Uber doomed to follow in Napster’s footsteps?

A few weeks ago fellow entrepreneur and friend John Wolpert sent me a link to his thought provoking blog post, Is Uber the Napster of Transportation? His article is definitely worth reading in its own right, but I wanted to … Continue reading

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Book Report #5: 1906

#5: 1906: A Novel by James Dalessandro 1906 is a surprisingly awesome book. Surprising for me because it’s a historical fiction novel and that’s usually not my cup of tea. The story takes place in San Francisco right before (and during) the … Continue reading

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Optimization of Ponies

I don’t think I’ve ever pondered the existence of My Little Pony fan fiction, and if I did I surely wouldn’t have imagined that I’d ever read any of it. But through a random link on Reddit’s singularity subreddit last … Continue reading

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Book Report #4

#4: Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman This book by Daniel Kahneman was a satisfying read which made a clear explanation for the sense that I believe we’ve all had that humans don’t always use the best reasoning when making decisions. … Continue reading

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