More cabs on City streets in 2008, but we still need peak medallions.

A Luxor Cab stopped at an intersection

The Examiner reports the City will finally see more cabs on the streets in 2008.

As both a cab driver and a City resident, this is bittersweet.

As a resident, this seems like City progress. Finally, I’ll have a better chance getting a taxi on Friday night!

As a cab driver, this is frustrating. My average income will decrease as more cabs will be on the street. I won’t get as many fares.

As a critic of City policy and management, this appears to be poor resource allocation. We don’t need more cabs on the street most of the time. Only 3 out of 14 shifts per week (2 per day x 7 days) need more cabs: Thu, Fri and Sat nights.

Instead of issuing medallions valid at all times, the City should issue more medallions for Thu, Fri and Sat nights, a concept known as “peak medallions.” I’ve written about this before.

Issuing peak medallions decreases the environmental and labor waste from extra cabs driving on the street during the remaining 11 shifts that don’t need any more cabs (good for City residents). This also prevents further salary erosion for current and future taxi drivers (good for drivers).

Taxi Commission, you work for the residents of the City. Do your job and serve them best with peak medallions.


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1 Response to More cabs on City streets in 2008, but we still need peak medallions.

  1. ben valis says:

    This is a great idea! I have also had this idea before. I called them “weekend cabs.” They would be hot pink, and no company would be able to to be hot pink. And the city would let them out on thurs, fri, and saturday nights, or during special events like Bay to Breakers.

    If a driver couldn’t get out at their company because the shift has filled, they’d just trudge down to city hall, where 100-150 “weekend cabs” would be parked in that underground garage. The city would maintain the vehicles and keep the gates. No raidos, just flags.

    Great idea, huh?

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