Local media that shines: 92.7 KNGY

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I drive a taxi. I drive 11 hour shifts. That’s a lot of time in a car. I need something for my brain to do. Passengers only talk so much, and this time of year is quite slow. Often I don’t have a passenger to talk to anyway.

I listen to a lot of radio. A lot of radio — 44 hours per week. By default I’ve been given quite an introduction to the local radio market in San Francisco.

At first I was bullish about a lot of stations, but it has quickly whittled down to 4 primary channels: 88.5 KQED (NPR), 91.7 KALW (NPR), 92.7 KNGY (Dance), and 102.1 KDFC (Classical).

I’ve been very impressed with all of these, but I’ve been especially impressed with “Pure Dance” 92.7 KNGY. Regardless of your personal opinion of dance/electronica music, this station is a genre buster — it’s a one of a kind. It makes me happy to see unique genre radio stations thrive, especially as iPods and online music makes audio consumption much more personal and radio stations less relevant.

Others seem to like this format too — Wikipedia says KNGY is the most listened to dance/electronic station on the west coast. (Hmm, I wonder how many other dance/electronic stations even exist on the west coast?)

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6 Responses to Local media that shines: 92.7 KNGY

  1. Bob says:

    This station is actually pretty funny… they were talking about how some guy got a handjob from someone in a bathroom and later found out that the guy was dating another guy he knew. The conversation was generally like that, and the music was pretty great as well.

  2. kfarr says:

    Yeah the music varies — some stuff is really good, new and out there, while other stuff is blah. The morning show seems to be pretty popular around here too. I had a lady in my cab the other day that specifically requested 92.7 as soon as she got in. That doesn’t usually happen.

  3. who_the says:

    Love 92.7. I listen when my iPod batteries peter out about 8 1/2 hours into my shift. Always seems to be one of these two songs:

    “Can you feel the music… music… music…
    Can you feel the music… music… music…”


    “A little bit of ecstasy
    A little bit of you and me…”

    They’re a bit repetitive, but their playlist is very similar to mine.

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  6. birdbrain4u says:

    I love this stations’weekday morning show with fernando and greg. They area at times hilarious and play off each other very well. The token ‘straight man’ producer Jason is no slouch either. The music can get repetitive, and it seems the song or songs you’re not crazy about are always the ones playing when you turn to 92.7

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