Indiana University students like Obama.

I try to keep up with news back home in Indiana but have done so especially of late as Hillary and Obama duke it out in the Hoosier State. I was happy to come across the below clips produced by the student TV station I founded when I was a student at Indiana University.

Of course, these clips can’t claim to offer a representative sample of Hoosiers. Instead, these clips offer some of the most unfiltered and straightforward reporting I’ve seen in a long time: simple footage and voice over summary of an event with reactions from the crowd. With no spin and no overarching political horse-race poll update, viewers are left to connect their own dots. I find that refreshing.

There’s a raw emotion here that seems pretty magical to me. The students react as if there’s a rock star visiting campus. When’s the last time a presidential candidate spurred that sort of reaction from our youth?

Obama visits IU during Little 500:

Students react to Obama visit:

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1 Response to Indiana University students like Obama.

  1. Anthony says:

    Interesting clips. I totally agree that these don’t seem like reactions to a politician visiting. Come to think of it though, do you think that any of the other top presidential candidate would have generated a reaction like that? I’m thinking students wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about getting to touch McCain’s hand if he showed up randomly at a university event.

    I’m not into politics at all, but I find it really interesting that Obama has such an effect on young people.

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