Built-for-Purpose Taxi Concept Car Stops by San Francisco

I happened to be driving past City Hall a few minutes ago and caught sight of the MV-1 manufactured by Vehicle Production Group.

I was able to speak with John Gaydash a former GM executive.

Here are the important details:

  • Given its pricing and options, the vehicle is intended to compete directly with ramp (disabled) taxi vans, not regular cabs.
  • Production cost should be less than $40k
  • Expected MPG of 17 city 22 highway (not officially EPA rated yet)
  • Based on a V6 GM truck engine of some sort
  • Understandably, John et al. are hitting up City Halls across the country to get their regulatory foot in the door. If they can get municipalities to code this as standard disable cab equipment they’re looking at some real cash.
  • This will be the only built-for-purpose taxicab in the North American market.

Thanks John and the VPG crew for stopping by SF!

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1 Response to Built-for-Purpose Taxi Concept Car Stops by San Francisco

  1. Ed Healy says:


    I just stumbled across your blog. It looks good. I think I your format better than mine. This article is excellent.

    My blog is almost all political at the moment.

    Check it out if you like.

    Ed Healy
    Cab # 572

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