My First Hail Using Cabulous

I’ve been advising the team working on Cabulous, a new mobile location-enabled app that makes it easier for cabbies to advertise their locations — and for passengers to find them.

I drove last Saturday and helped with an early beta test. John taped the first successful Cabulous hail:

A few weeks back, Cabulous had nice coverage on the old fashioned TV tubes:

Link – more info on Cabulous including a live demo of the app in use.

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5 Responses to My First Hail Using Cabulous

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  2. Denise Terry says:

    Congrats! Nice service. I absolutely love your Cabulous concept. After hailing cabbies in London for over two years, I could have used this on my mobile phone! There are definitely some exciting international applications for your mobile app. Would love to help market you, if you are in need of someone to spread the word upon launch. BTW, when can I get this from the iPhone apps store?

  3. Kate Fink says:

    Hello… my name is Kate Fink. I’m a Ph.D student in Communications at Columbia University. I am researching how people value journalism, and am currently studying I have corresponded already with David Cohn, and am also interested in talking with reporters about their experience using I found your contact information through my own online search; does not disclose your personal information. If you’re willing to answer a few questions over the phone or in e-mail, please reply to this and let me know the best way to get in touch with you. Thanks!

  4. Tony Jackson says:

    Cabulous…. is whats up.

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