Open Letter to Board of Supervisors re CEQA Appeal Reform

SF Supervisors

I am a local business owner in SF (10 employees in SOMA) and a former SF CTA Geary BRT CAC Board Member.

I resigned in January 2013 from the Geary BRT CAC because of lack of progress and inability of the CTA to stick to a fixed environmental review schedule to move the project forward.

A core reason for this project delay communicated to me by the CTA is the CTA’s fear of litigation after beginning construction on BRT improvements, a fear based in the poorly defined existing processes of CEQA and NEPA.

While Supervisor Weiner’s proposed legislation is not a “silver bullet” to fix CEQA and NEPA processes, it is a step in the right direction.

This is truly one of the most important issues facing our City’s transit using population and we must take the courage to promote CEQA reform. Weiner’s proposal is a great first step and I encourage you to consider its swift approval.

More information on my resignation:

More information on Weiner’s proposed legislation:
Wiener_CEQA_Legislation_Package (PDF)


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