OS X is turning into Windows 98: my four top OS X pet peeves

I can’t believe the changes I’m seeing with OS X. I’ve never experienced such a graceful, simple and effective OS undergo horrible transformations right before my eyes to the point where I’ve even considered, gasp, converting back to Windows.

Here are the 4 pet peeves driving me crazy right now with OS X:

  1. HT1338-Alert-001-enApp Updates Now Available – No, these are not critical operating system updates, this is crap from third-party developers (no offense) that is neither critical nor worth my attention. What’s more, there is no apparent way to get rid of this notification except for an obscure German Apple support guide tip “You can dismiss the Notification Alert by clicking it and swiping to the right.” Thanks a lot, Apple, why didn’t I think of trying that invisible swipe technique used nowhere else on your OS X operating system?
  2. OS X Facebook notification integration. I do not want a Facebook message popping up while I’m at work, watching a movie, etc. Please stop.
  3. Scroll bar fail. I’m tired of playing “hide and seek” with the scrollbar on dark background websites. I realize Apple is trying to merge OS X and iOS and this is part of that master plan, but come on this is a basic necessity and they really messed this one up. More discussion here.
  4. BGuFy0qCEAEwFzI.png-largeForcing iCloud down our throats. The “cloud” has just jumped the shark. iCloud dialogue on TextEdit? Seriously? I just want to jot some notes. Even worse, the proposed purpose of iCloud integration on TextEdit is to make those files available on other devices, however there is no native app on iOS devices that will display those iCloud synced text files. Although you can see the existence of these files on iOS devices if you go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup, you can’t view or edit them. Fail.

Most concerning is the trend that these “features” keep getting pushed through from Marketing without proper design / UX testing. I’m not excited about the future of OS X.

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1 Response to OS X is turning into Windows 98: my four top OS X pet peeves

  1. Those are bad. But Mac is still the best. Was just thinking on my bike about how I can Ctrl+Shift+6 screenshot a PDF I’m reading, click on it, the preview menu lets me do the edits I want (eg red underline), boom. The stuff I want to do, I can do fast.

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