Only in the ‘Burg

Miller High Life Hunting Edition Can

Think back to the last time you went hunting in the wilderness of Allegheny County, PA (population 1,281,666 and home to Pittsburgh). Crossbow in hand, you creep deeper into the coal-stripped wilderness. Your companion, Bobby, throws you a cold brew to keep your spirits high and your senses fresh.

A shot rings through the air. Fear strikes your heart as you realize the flash of silver metal on the can was mistaken by another hunter for the intense reflective pupils of a male deer. Bobby lies dead on the ground.

The solution? Miller High Life Hunting Edition cans – where responsible drinking meets safe hunting. Colored bright safety orange, these cans ensure you never fall victim to friendly fire. Available at your local Pittsburgh area beer store.

PS. Tom and I theorize that non-hunting markets see the same orange cans marketed as a “Halloween” edition case.

PPS. Large text on the case packaging clarifies these fine brews should be consumed “after the hunt.” Let that warning speak for itself:

Miller High Life Hunting Edition Case

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2 Responses to Only in the ‘Burg

  1. Anthony says:

    hahaha absolutely incredible

  2. kfarr says:

    We also got a case of Busch Hunting Edition, but the cans weren’t colored all fancy like these. 😦

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