There’s no free parking.

SFMTA parking enforcement officer

This excellent article in Slate discusses the hidden costs of parking. I won’t attempt to summarize, it’s worth reading in its entirety.


It got me thinking about the cost of parking in the City, especially residential parking permits. Is $60 per year a market price? Or, is the City government subsidizing the cost of owning a vehicle and providing parking at below-market rates, foregoing revenue and significantly contributing to traffic congestion.

Here’s a quick ‘napkin math’ analysis:

SF DPT defines a “standard space” as being 8 feet by 18 feet (Source). That’s 144 sq. ft. and spots cost $60 per year, or $5 per month. That’s $0.0347 per sq. ft. per month.

Let’s compare that to my apartment. My room is 12 feet by 20 feet. That’s 240 sq. ft. and I pay $650 per month for my room. That’s $2.7083 per sq. ft. per month.

That’s significantly below-market. Or, let’s simply compare the $5 per month to a garage access spot that near my area averages $200 per month.

Why are we subsidizing car ownership in a city with too many cars?

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4 Responses to There’s no free parking.

  1. crasshopper says:

    It costs way less per square foot to build a road than a building, so you need to subtract off the cost of construction. (Maybe you can find an estimate online.)

  2. kfarr says:

    True, it costs less to create that square foot of building space vs. laying asphalt.

    But, that parking space is only occupied at street level. I agree that a construction cost would have to be subtracted, but an opportunity cost from lost multistory use would have to be added. They might (or might not) cancel each other out.

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