yellow taxi with motion blur cropped

Work was slow. I didn’t get a cab until late.

  • I moved a couple from a Tenderloin apartment to… another Tenderloin apartment 3 blocks away. Yippee.
  • I picked up a family from a hotel along with copious luggage and took them to… SFO? No, another hotel. Yippee.
  • My van’s oil indicator light flashed. It was a red light, so I took it back to the garage (after calling dispatch to make sure it was worth checking out). Everything’s a-okay they say. Happy to hear, but can I have my wasted hour back?
  • I took a woman to BART from Haight/Ashbury area. She was eventually going to San Leandro. She wondered if I would take her all the way home for less than the meter. Um, no, San Leandro is a meter and a half (150% of meter if > 15 mi outside of San Francisco) which is about $79. She wanted to go there for $40. What, do you think this is charity cab? She partied the night before and was hungover. Does hangover = world bends over for you? No.
  • I take a guy in his early 40’s who’s quitting his job as a tech recruiter. We talk about how undergraduate degrees are largely worthless. Depressing.
  • I wonder – do forgettable passengers think I’m a forgettable driver? People I don’t remember ever meeting – do they remember me?
  • My nice ride of the day – I took a lady from Van Ness corridor to a house near Laurel Village. No main roads exist in that area — stop signs at every intersection. I apologized at the end of the trip, sorry maam that there were no faster roads directly connecting us to the destination. Oh, don’t apologize, she says, I was impressed you were able to flow so smoothly and not get stopped at any of the school yard queues! She tipped well, but her words of thanks were worth more than the tip. Thanks, lady.
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2 Responses to Work

  1. crasshopper says:

    In my experience pedicabbing, it was usually women asking for special fares. If men wanted to cheat you, they would run off without paying.

  2. kfarr says:

    My only 2 no-pays so far have indeed been guys.

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