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Video SEO Sitemap Standards and Documentation get a Refresh from Google and Partners

I don’t know about you, but nothing gets me more excited than video SEO! (Well, at least it’s a close second after racing cars, driving taxis, and public transportation, but none of those pay the bills at the moment.)┬áBy the … Continue reading

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The sky is not falling

I am writing to share some reactions to Claire Cain Miller’s piece in the New York Times, “Silicon Valley Booms but Worries About a New Bust.” I met Claire at the Founder Showcase event she mentions in her article and … Continue reading

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Python Multithreaded S3 Bucket-to-Bucket Copy (on Amazon Web Services)

For both backup and staging purposes, we regularly need to backup an entire S3 bucket to another bucket. AWS has no built-in function to do this, nor does the boto Python library. We started off with a simple for key … Continue reading

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Take Me to Chinatown

I drove Thursday this week, a day after the SF Giant’s World Series Parade attracted record crowds. The morning was spent driving to and from the airport — I had 4 trips to SFO before noon. In the afternoon I … Continue reading

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Avenue Street

I answered a lot of phone calls last night at the taxi company. Around 3am a girl called demanding a cab at “320 Avenue.” That didn’t make any sense. “320 Avenue? That doesn’t make any sense. What’s the street name?” … Continue reading

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Fetch OAuth Authenticated YouTube API Version 2.0 Requests with GData-Python-Client, Including Insight

We’ve been using Google’s GData-Python-Client library to connect our VidCaster client accounts to YouTube, which allows for neat operations like importing* and exporting of video. A key component of VidCaster is to provide simple aggregated video analytics to our users, … Continue reading

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