Turkey Day Cab Driving

A turkey and a taxi

I worked on Thanksgiving. Things were slow until the afternoon when everyone (and their food) needed rides to join friends or family for Thanksgiving dinner.

It was fascinating to experience meeting so many people that consider SF ‘home’ such that they’ll spend Thanksgiving here.

  • I took a male nurse to work at the Kaiser. He brought an entire cooked turkey for his coworkers who had to work Thanksgiving evening. What a nice guy.
  • 2 ladies brought side dishes and a bunch of pie from the Mission to the Lower Haight.
  • I took a gay guy to the outer Mission for Thanksgiving dinner with some friends. He had just stopped to pick up the most important Thanksgiving ingredient for the group — vodka.
  • 3 gay guys brought a turkey across town from the Tendernob to the Castro.
  • Yuppies from Russian Hill took wine and pie up to Twin Peaks.
  • A gal that just broke up with her bf took some side dishes and wine to friends in the Sunset from the Haight.
  • And finally, two older ladies were skipping town to “get as far away from family as possible.” They were going to a beach resort in Hawaii.
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