Should the City allow cab companies to charge higher gate fees to taxi drivers?

San Francisco Supervisor Alioto-Pier with a sign reading ‘taxi gates’ pointed upward - thumbnail

In some ways, blogs are great. They present frequently updated writing with a nice user interface that emphasizes recent postings first. But, most blog interfaces (including this one) bury old postings even if new, interesting and worthy comments are posted. I did my best to address this by adding some of the widgets you now see on the right that show recent comments and top viewed posts regardless of recency of writing.

But, I would like to specifically highlight an involved discussion taking place in the comment section of a post on a quiet topic whispering across the offices of some City politicians: a proposal to increase the amount City taxi drivers pay to the cab company for their cars, also known as gate fees. If you read this blog, which you do since you read the first part of this sentence, you might like to check out that discussion. If you like sentences like the previous one, you may like this Wikipedia article.


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