+ iPod = Profit? is a top-rate music streaming service that suggests music based on your previous plays, songs you play in iTunes (“scrobbling”), and songs your friends like.

But, it’s frustratingly tied to your computer. You have to listen to via the flash app in your browser or the equally computer-tying downloadable app.

Here would be a better combo: what if they just made a 30 minute customized podcast for you each week? Yes, the music would be DRM free in a podcast, but it’d be embedded and mixed with all the other songs in the podcast, so nobody’s going to take the time to cut out the songs unless they’re really desperate. It’s easier to just buy the song or grab it with BitTorrent.

And, if they want to get really crazy, they could even easily monetize this podcast with, gasp, commercials. Imagine that, play music consumers like and maybe you can sell ads against it. Hmm, where have I seen industries flourish based on this concept before?

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2 Responses to + iPod = Profit?

  1. Steve C. says:

    Brilliant. You should submit a feature request to if you haven’t already. If they implemented that I would probably start scrobbling again.

  2. Julius says:

    That sounds great. Otherwise, I have to spend time going to the library and trying to find cds based on the recommendations.

    I wish they would sometimes recommend something totally random, too. I guess that’s what your neighbors are for, though. They all seem to listen to weird things without any sort of cohesion in terms of genre, etc., sometimes.

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