Avenue Street

I answered a lot of phone calls last night at the taxi company.

Around 3am a girl called demanding a cab at “320 Avenue.”

That didn’t make any sense. “320 Avenue? That doesn’t make any sense. What’s the street name?”
– “Avenue.”
– “Which avenue? Like 3rd Avenue, 4th Avenue?”
– “Avenue!!! Avenue Street!”
– “What city are you in?”
– “San Francisco, duh…” in a perfect valley girl accent.
– “There is no street called ‘avenue’. Are you on 20th Avenue? Maybe 3rd Avenue? What’s your address?”
– “It’s 320 on Avenue Street!”
– “Avenue Street?”
– “Yeah Avenue Street! 320 Avenue!”
– “Maam, there is no street named ‘avenue’ in San Francisco. Can you call back with your real address?”

She called back 3 or 4 times in the next hour, always very frustrated and presumably thinking I was part of some conspiracy meant to silence the existence of Avenue Street in San Francisco.

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1 Response to Avenue Street

  1. quantum probability says:

    It’s incredible how people behave when drunk.

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