• I drove a van. I like the vans.
  • A doorman got mad at me because I didn’t pull in the building driveway correctly. Poop on you, Mr. Grouchy Doorman. Further salt was thrown on my bleeding wound when it turned out to be a no-show. Poop on you, No-Show Customer.
  • Two girls made me take Van Ness instead of Gough from near Washington to Mission. Van Ness is like pulling your own teeth while scraping your nails on a chalkboard and listening to this song.
  • I picked up a couple from a lower Nob Hill hotel who needed to get to Pier 33 to catch a ferry to Alcatraz in a hurry. They said, “We give you permission to drive fast.” My driving scared them a bit. I love whipping down the bus/taxi lane on Post.
  • I picked up a family of 5 and also took them to the Pier 33. One of the kids did the honors of shutting the sliding door. Thanks, kid.
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