1 mile on the MUNI takes longer than 10 on BART.


While this may be obvious to any San Francisco resident, I would like to release my extreme frustration caused by my travel from Berkeley to my apartment on Nob Hill this evening.

The trip on BART from Berkeley to the Embarcadero is about 10 miles. This trip took less time than my 1 mile trip from the Embarcadero to Sacramento and Hyde on the 1-California MUNI line.

Sacramento is a west-bound street (until Gough) and is absolutely packed with numskulls that work and park downtown then drive home through Chinatown, making an already clogged area come to a standstill. The 1-California has no choice but to sit — through 4 red/green cycles at one intersection!

Meanwhile, cars are parked on the left and right side of Sacramento (the “bus lane” is only vacant for 3 hours in the afternoon). Let’s use our heads for a second — is it more important to provide parking for a few residents, or to provide fast transit for EVERYONE ELSE? Hmm, let me think. TRANSIT! Jesus.

Mayor Newsom, institute a congestion fee immediately and charge market rates for parking on our shared streets. It’s about time.

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