hell cab


  • I drove cab 666. It’s semifamous.
  • I took a lady to her appointment at a Methodone clinic. She was tired of waiting for the 22.
  • I took 3 guys to their respective homes in the Excelsior around 7 in the morning. They smelled of alcohol and cigarettes; I think they had finished a long evening of partying. The last guy I dropped off requested a receipt. His English was limited, but he clearly expressed his surprise that they had rode in cab #666.
  • I took a couple guys visiting from Tahoe to the ICER Air event at AT&T park. They tipped really well.
  • I picked up what appeared to be a transgender prostitute and her customer near Polk and Geary. We stopped by a bank so the customer could get some cash. Then I dropped them back where I picked them up because the customer was “crashing faster than an airplane” and needed another hit.
  • 3 Italians were excited to visit the “outlets” downtown, which turned out to be the mall. En route they decided they wanted to see Little Italy instead.
  • I took a man and his dog to a body shop to pick up his car. The shop was closed, and the man was pissed. The dog didn’t seem to care.
  • Business was slow.


  • I drove a van.
  • I took an Australian lady to SFO. We had a great chat about failed transit in our respective cities (San Fran and Sydney).
  • I took a 20-something guy back to his hotel. He was visiting from the Lake Tahoe and was also a great tipper.
  • I helped a former New York i-banker move all his belongings across town to a new apartment. He now uses his finance skills to at a firm that funds green energy projects.
  • I took 6 Irish guys to a sports bar on Polk. They spoke faster than I could comprehend, but the main takeaway was that they like women.
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2 Responses to Work

  1. Steve C. says:

    Driving by the stops for especially bad Muni lines seems like a good strategy. I know I’ve given in to temptation and hailed a passing cab a couple times, and I’ve seen a lot of others do it too.

  2. kfarr says:

    Fo’ sho’! The 38-Geary is a great one, especially on weekday mornings. Sometimes I’ll stalk the 1-California as it gets closer to downtown since it’s usually too full to pick up people east of Polk St.

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