Tourists hibernate for winter. My earnings decrease.

Spot the Tourists!

Tourism is San Francisco’s top industry by revenue. San Francisco is the 3rd most popular destination for overseas tourists. (1) (2)

During the summer at least a quarter of all of my fares were tourists. Sometimes these visitors are aggravating — going from a downtown hotel to Pier 39 can get old after a while. But, most of the time it is a pleasure to spend time with out-of-towners. I enjoy guiding them to hidden treasures in our City.

But, regardless of whether or not I like tourists, they have an effect on my bottom line.

How much of an effect, I wondered?

Being the geek that I am, I have charted my income since I started driving in July at the peak of tourist season:

Of course, I can still make a living. But lately I have had many fewer of what I would define as ‘high paying’ shifts (>$200). I have also had an increase in ‘low paying’ shifts (<$150).

I look forward to the return of the tourists come spring.

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4 Responses to Tourists hibernate for winter. My earnings decrease.

  1. fannypackantics says:

    ..and if you see any funny San Fran tourists, feel free to send me a pic to post on Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) I can’t say there’s been a decrease in tourists here in NYC.

  2. dkzody says:

    Ah, wish I could be in SF right now, but rather here I am in dear old hometown, Fresno, enjoying my three week vacation from school. Last summer I was one of those who took a taxi from downtown to Fisherman’s Wharf to hear the spiel for a timeshare. They were sadly mistaken that they could sell me anything. I know all about selling, and their’s was a good pitch, but alas, I am not spending $85,000 for a one week stay each year, anywhere.

    Next summer, I hope to return to your lovely city for a month’s stay, hoping to sublet a lovely place in south beach. My husband and I had a delightful sublet for Thanksgiving week and hope to do something similar.

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