My taxi earnings: are City tourists back?

sf tourists are back in town

I sure noticed when tourists to the City took a vacation from vacationing. Now it appears they might be back in force. Monday I had 3 trips to Pier 33, the most common departing point to catch the ferry to Alcatraz. Three. Two of them were back to back. I haven’t had a trip to Pier 33 in weeks before this, and even then it was about once a month at most.

It is already spring break for many families with children. This week is spring break for my friends in the City attending the Academy of Art. This poorly formatted website has nicely compiled statistics about spring break dates at various universities.

My daily take-home earnings are definitely on an upswing:
Earnings as of 3/19/08

Is this the start of tourist season in the City? Will we see another dip after spring break but before the summer rush?

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