My taxi earnings begin to increase. Is it temporary?

  • December and January were tough months. Holidays meant many people left the City. There was very little tourism and few, if any, special events that draw large numbers into the City.
  • This weekend and last weekend produced relatively high earning taxi shifts. Nearly every shift was above my all-time shift take-home mean. These relatively high earning shifts are pushing my mean back up. It had dipped below $170, around the mid $160s. Now it is back up at $170.
  • Earnings since starting driving 6 months ago
  • The highly unscientific polynomial trendline finally begins to plateau. It doesn’t look like the ski slope I posted a few months ago.
  • I notice that Tuesdays are the lowest earning of the 3 days I work. I’m considering cutting out Tuesday and replacing it with Friday if that shift is available. I would be able to catch the busy Thursday night bar crowd starting at midnight and capture the Friday morning work rush which seems to have more demand for cabs than other days.
  • Will this increase in earnings continue? Is City tourism starting to return? I doubt it. I think there were combinations of events, such as the NADA conference, that brought about higher than usual demand for cabs the last few weekends. I think it will be a few more months before income consistently returns to higher levels.
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