Bike coalition makes good signage.

Taxi bike safety thumbnail

I like good signage. Good signage is clear in communicating a simple point or set of points. Good signage is a rare find.

I was surprised to see these well-designed signs posted at the cab garage when I went into work last week. They do an efficient and effective job communicating bike safety while driving a taxi.

Oddly enough, it happened that a friend I met while volunteering for the Geary BRT EIR vote campaign helped design these signs. He agreed to send me the PDFs and let me post them on this blog. Thanks, Razzu.

Also check out the letter that will be sent to cab drivers about bike safety. Keep up the good work, Bicycle Coalition. Maybe someday we’ll get real bike lanes in the City.

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1 Response to Bike coalition makes good signage.

  1. rzu says:

    Article in the Bike Coalition’s newsletter on the taxi flyer (pdf):

    Click to access tt_080203.pdf

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