Nintendo keeps DS fresh, mixes it with spectator sports.

nintendo ds at a baseball game (AP)

I really like my Nintendo DS.

I’ll admit, though — I waft in and out of regular DS play as I beat or get tired of games. There can be big gaps before I find another game that re-ignites my DS spirit, but it never fails to do so eventually.

Nintendo must have come to this realization too.

They’re spicing things up with a neat mixture of DS’ unique wi-fi and touch screen capabilities by creating an application for spectator sporting events. At the Seattle Mariners’ Safeco Field fans can bring their DS to “get stats and player info, watch extra videos, order food and drinks and interact with each other during games.”

This accomplishes three great things in one fell swoop:

  1. Provides value to Nintendo’s existing DS customers by providing additional functionality.
  2. Provides incentive for additional DS purchases.
  3. Further associates Nintendo’s brand with non-traditional gaming, a branding decision exemplified by the Wii and titles like Wii Sports and the forthcoming Wii Fit game.

Way to go, Nintendo.


PS. Anthony pointed me to this app which guides visitors in Disneyland. It even lets you know how long the lines are!

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2 Responses to Nintendo keeps DS fresh, mixes it with spectator sports.

  1. Yeah, the DS is pretty amazing with how much non-game stuff it can do. I think there’s a lot more of it in Japan, but it’s interesting to see that the US is thinking of new ways to use the little device too. The most popular non-gaming ways the DS is used over here seem to be with software, like the educational programs and other self improvement titles. Off the top of my head, there is yoga, face-training (to make you look younger), common sense, Japanese kanji practice (great for foreigners too!), formal manners, and cooking. I know a lot of students who have bought DS units for the sole purpose of studying English. I even heard that a few schools over here are starting to assign DS-based English and other subjects as homework or suggested supplementary work.

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